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As society becomes more technology based by the day it makes sense for companies to switch the focus of their marking. With the abundance of cell phones and PDA's around companies are now able to reach their target audiences 24/7, a marketing paradise. Very few people leave home without their cell phones and indeed most people carry them around their homes as well. A device once created to be an emergency life line has become so much more. Cell phones and PDA's have become essential to every day life, people can make calls, take pictures, answer emails and access their social networks all from the palm of their hand everywhere they venture.

Text marketing direct to cell phones is starting to gain speed and with good reason. As more individuals opt out of paper "junk mail" and fewer people are reading more than roughly 500 words of text at a time the convenience of text marketing benefits both the company and the consumer. A text message is short, sweet and to the point. The fact that the majority of text messages are read within seconds of being sent allows a retailer the great opportunity to create a "valued customer flash event" any time they wish. This kind of event can turn a slow sales day into a major sales event.

As the technology advances so can the ads. Short movies and songs can be added to the coupon or advertisement sent by the company and with the prevalence of social media that catchy tune or commercial can be shared with friends in an instant thus allowing the company access to a larger audience and the possibility to expand their customer base.

While there are still rules and regulations to how companies can gain access to a person's cell device most people willingly give this information to the sales people when they make purchases at their favourite stores or by entering contests from their favourite brands.

As technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated, your phone can use it's integrated GPS system to help you find local cuisine and shops no matter where you travel. Companies can also use the GPS to see their retailers relative position to the individual and can then send coupon and specials directly to the individual when they are within range of a particular store. If a company network finds a person's location is a mall then it can send the customer all the relevant deals and specials prompting that person to enter a store perhaps they otherwise would have skipped on that trip.

The possibility for the commercial use of text message marketing is just now beginning to be realized. Using this method of reaching out to the public can help bring some struggling companies from the brink back into the mainstream. All it will take is some catchy creative advertising and the loyalty a few good customers. A company should never underestimate the power of the few who pass along a funny video via their various social networks. That few can become the many as so many great ads have gone viral in recent years. That never happened with television or paper.

With house phones slowly dwindling and cell phone rapidly rising, and the age to which people are obtaining cell phones getting younger it only makes sense that companies would turn to text message marketing in order to gain customer loyalty as well as new clientele.

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Text Message Marketing

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Text Message Marketing

This article was published on 2013/08/03