Text Message Marketing - 7 Reasons Why Businesses Can't Pass on This Technology

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Text message marketing...It's the newest, fastest, most modern way to get your message out whenever you want!  It's come onto the business marketing scene like a title wave, here are 7 reasons why.

1. Reaches All Demographics: Just one of the many reasons to use text message is that it reaches all demographics, everybody is texting and it is the best way to inform people about what's happening in your business.

2. Better Response Rate Than Any Other Type Of Advertising:  How many times have you sent out an e-mail for your business and actually gotten feedback?  Approximately 2% of e-mails actually get read.  What about door to door advertisements?  They often go straight to the recycle bin!  Over 95% of text messages are read.  Some of those text messages could be from your business getting out what you want to say!

3. It's Great For All Businesses: Text message marketing can be used for almost any type of business.  From restaurants to doctors to retail to real estate, even high schools and colleges. Text message marketing is the best advertising for any business small or large!

4. Adaptability:  Campaigns can be changed on the fly, while radio and television ads can take weeks even months to turn around.  The message you want to send can be changed whenever!  Even multiple times a day.

5. Ease of Implementation:  Campaigns are easily set up and used.  Users are able to opt-in and out as easily as a simple text message.  A web-based platform makes setting up a campaign simple!

6. Return on Investment:  The ROI of text message marketing is extremely significant.  The cost it takes to implement a text message marketing campaign is relatively low compared to print, radio and television.  

7. It's Just Plain Cool:  It seems everywhere you look text messaging is popping up before our eyes!  From movie theaters to restaurants to sports scores to coupons, text messaging has become hip.
It's difficult for any business to deny that the mobile phone has emerged as the third screen for consumers. What went from television to the computer is now on the cell phone. Businesses that embrace this technology are sure to see their customers respond and their business explode!

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Text Message Marketing - 7 Reasons Why Businesses Can't Pass on This Technology

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This article was published on 2010/04/01