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What are text alerts?

Text alerts are text messages automatically sent to you containing data or information which you have specifically requested. You specify what data or information you would like to receive, on what day or time, and in what format. To receive text message alerts, you have to sign-up for the services which can either be a free or paid service depending on the nature of the service.

Can you give me an example of a text alert message service?

For example, you are an avid fan of a basketball team and you want to receive updated news and scores about your favorite team. You can simply go that team's website and find out how to receive text message alerts from the team, subscribe to the service, and when news or scores comes in, they are automatically sent to your phone or email.

Wow, that seems an excellent service, but what if I want to stop receiving alerts?

If you want to stop receiving alerts (either because you don't want to receive the information anymore or the subscription was too costly) you can easily do so by opting-out of the service. When you sign up for each service, the confirmation message will always contain instructions on how to be removed from the service (or form the mailing list). Just follow those instructions and you will stop receiving text alerts.

I keep receiving text messages which I have not requested. How can I make them stop?

If you are receiving unsolicited messages, be aware that these are spam and violates the law. Report the message to the proper authorities so these messages will stop being sent to you.

How much is the service?

It differs from country to country and from carrier to carrier. Aside from that, the content provider will also have a say in how much they will be charging you.

But there are some alerts which I get for free

Those may be spam, as has been mentioned above. If they are not, then they are probably content which functions as promotional or advertising material. Some even work as sales tools for the content provider.

Can I send out my own text message alerts?

Yes you can. There are some programs out there which you can download for free which will allow you to send bulk text message alerts to many for free or for a monthly subscription.

Wow. How does that work?

Well, after downloading the software/client, just save all the numbers of people you want to include in your text messaging alert system and name the group. Then just create a message and choose the name of the group where you want to send the message to (you can create multiple groups for different sets of receivers) and send the message. All the people belonging in the group will receive your message alerts.

This is very useful for selling or marketing!

Remember that you can only send messages to people who asks for it otherwise you are sending unsolicited messages and that is considered spam. Sending spam can get you in trouble.

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Text Alerts FAQ

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This article was published on 2010/10/05