Send SMS Through Your PC with a Text Message Software

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If you consider yourself a heavy texter, then you might want to download a text message software for your computer for easy sending of short messaging service or SMS to any mobile phone locally or abroad. A  text message software is a computer application that allows you to send text messages from your computer to a mobile phone through the Internet. As long as you are connected to the world wide web and have this software, you will have on open line of communication with your family and friends wherever they may be in the world.

Using these text message applications is just as easy as sending an SMS from your mobile phone. First, search for the ideal software using search engines. Choose one that is compatible with your computer's operating system to make sure that it will work properly. Most websites can automatically detect which operating system you are using and instantly recommends the right SMS sending software for your device.

After you have selected the right application, download ans save it to your computer. Do not forget to create a shortcut in your desktop or task bar for easy access. Once you have successfully downloaded the software, follow the instructions on how to install it. You will be prompted on the steps that you need to take as you continue with the installation of the application.

As soon as you are done completely installing the text message software, you need to register an account. Go back to the website or launch the application and click on the "register" or "sign up" link to register an account. Again, you will be instructed on what to do to complete the registration. Usually you will be asked your full name, your preferred username, a valid email address and an optional mobile number. You have to validate the email address that you have provided by clicking on the link found in the email sent to you by the website or entering a validation code that can also be found in the email. Once this last step is done you can start sending text messages through the application.

Some of these SMS software offer text message sending for free but might charge the recipients for their reply. Better read the terms and conditions of the application carefully before using it and tell your friends and family about the charges, if any, so they they won't be surprised when they receive their billing statement. You may ask your loved ones to reply to your mobile phone instead of the computer to make sure that they are not charged extra cents for the text messages.

Aside from enabling you to send text messages through the internet, a text message software may also allow you to save your mobile phone contacts on your computer so you don't have to type in each number every time you send a text message to someone. This extra service is also being offered for free. If you have the computer and the connection, better maximize your SMS usage by installing a text message application now.

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Send SMS Through Your PC with a Text Message Software

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This article was published on 2010/10/05