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Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever been in a relationship where you thought that the person you were with was the one but it turns out that the person decided that they didn't want to be with you anymore. But instead of them telling you face to face that it's over, they break up with you by text message.

People, people, people we must learn that if we're going to break up with someone, you don't do it by phone, mail or even by text message. I mean think of the emotional damage that it can do to a person that may never bounce back from this horrible break up.

Now when you break up with someone no matter how much you may despise them at the moment you must consider their feelings regardless to what they did cause if you're basically looking to retaliate as payback, you don't do it like that because in all actuality two wrongs don't make a right. So therefore, closing a chapter in your relationship regardless if you care to see them again should be closed the proper way without all of the drama and the clutter that comes along with it.

Now, we all know that breaking up with someone by text message is not only disrespectful, cold and heartless but it also says that you're a coward and you don't know how to deal with things in an adult manner and humilitaion is your forte'.

I feel that if a man breaks up with me by text message isn't man enough to face me and will never be the one who will go with me the extra mile and never really loved me to begin with and he was just faking it all to impress to impress me. So therefore, it's the mans lost if he leaves me without an expalantion and the way that I see it, I wouldn't want to be with someone knowing that he feels this way about me. So if I allow someone to do that to me and take them back, then that only means that I don't love myself.

In other words: I may still love you like crazy and will never forget about you and you'll always be in my heart, but I love me more..

So whoever breaks up with you by text message should be ashamed of themselves and really needs to learn to have more class than that.

But from what I've been hearing lately about this whole text mesaage nonsense, it's basically the new technological age whereas breaking up with someone over text message is the next hot thing that's going around and it's totally okay to do that cause if you can argue with each other over text message, then it's easy to break up with you by text message.

I have never been the one who was big on breaking up with someone on bad terms whether it was over the phone, my message page or even text message which I think is total bogus and rather have done it face to face which is a more proper and better way to do things cause I'm not a coward and do things in a more grown up way which would make me a real woman case if you think about it, no actual adult breaks up with you by text message and knows how to close in a relationship without having someone pick up the pieces after what you've broke, so only children play games like that in a child like manner.

Remember: tricks are for kids and no one has time to play games cause in all actuality time is something that you can never get back, let alone turn it back. So just think of all of that time and energy that's been wasted when all of that nonsense would've been avoided over text message.

I once had a man break up with me by text message and no I won't even mention his name cause that's irrelevant at the moment nor would I ever use his name cause even though he broke with me, I still had some type of respect to not destroy his credibility online cause I still love him, but at the same time I admit that I was devastated, but at the same time I told him that it ws his loss and what goes around comes around and I didn't argue about it cause that was so petty of him. I just simply asked him if he was sure of his decision and to make sure that she chooses him the same way that he chose her cause their won't be no coming back.

So when it comes to all of that text message nonsense with someone breaking up with you by the technological age, ladies and gentlemen, don't get mad, get even but not in a violent way cause the best revenege break up of all time is success and to keep rising to the top cause the sky is the lim it and you should never let a person see you fall cause eventually they'll realize what they missed out on no matter how much it hurts with the emotional damage that you're left with. So keep your head up, it's a phase that shall be passed and whoever jilts you by text always seem to want to return, it's only a matter of time.

Go figure....

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breaking up with a loved one by text message

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This article was published on 2010/12/21
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