10 Hot Text Messages to Send Your Boyfriend

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Guys love to get hot and sexy text messages from their girl.

Imagine the power you have to get your guy excited at just the sound of his phone knowing a hot and sexy text from you is waiting for his eyes only.

Use these 10 hot text message ideas to get him thinking about you all day and nicely "warmed up" by the time he gets home to you.

Plus I'll show you how to create an endless list of hot text messages to get your boyfriend all hot and bothered anytime, anywhere - guaranteed!

10 Hot Text Message Ideas

1. I want to feel those sweet lips all over me 2nite

2. Get over here, big boy. Show me what ur packing

3. Maybe you should spank me 2nite. I've been very, very bad

4. I love the way you kiss me...especially when you kiss my xxxxx!

5. UR so damn gorgeous!

6. IM free 2nite. Come over and take it off

7. Can't wait to get you naked 2nite

8. UR ass is perf. Bring it over 2nite

9. Want to see what I really want? Come over 2nite

10. I'm going to control you tonight

See how these texts were short yet very hot and sexy? They created vivid sexual images in his mind that will stay on his mind all day!

How to create an endless list of hot and sexy text messages to send your guy

Hot and sexy texts are made up of words that create vivid sexual images in your guy's mind about all the things you want to do to him or that he likes to do to you that will get him turned on.

The best way to create these hot and steamy images is to know your man.

Think about the sexiest things you can imagine about your man that turns you on more than anything else.

Picture his body, the size or shape of his body parts that turn you on. Or picture how he looks at you...his deep penetrating eyes or the way he bites his lip...when he is really lusting after you.

Or picture the way he moves or touches you...what he does with his lips...his tongue...his fingers, his hips, etc....when things really get hot and heavy.

Now create a vivid image of it and then write it down on a piece of paper and turn these images into a series of hot and sexy text messages that you can use over a period of time. Remember, less is more, so use these types of hot and sexy texts as "seasoning" not the main meal. You don't want to be too easy or predictable.

As time goes by and the more experiences you share together, those things that turn you on about your guy will grow and evolve, creating an endless list of sexy texts to send him to turn him on.

Send these kinds of texts to your guy and revel in the response you'll get. It's wicked fun to be able to turn on your guy by sending him hot and sexy texts he can read anytime and anywhere. He'll be totally distracted thinking lusty thoughts about you.

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Learn How to Send Your Guy Sexy Dirty Texts That Will Drive Him Wild

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10 Hot Text Messages to Send Your Boyfriend

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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